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Specialist in Printing and Promotional Items

“It’s all about likability and customer service,” Karen Radie said. “You can offer the same product at the same price as many other businesses but clients come on board and stay because they like you.”

Radie owns ASPIC, Inc., which has been in business for 16 years, all of that time in Maple Shade.

“I always wondered how companies got their logos on hats, coffee mugs, etc. It just so happened that two friends worked in this field and asked if I would be interested in the research and graphics side of the business,” she said. “Having been a former graphic artist I couldn’t resist.

“I learned all sides of the promotional products business and after a few years felt confident enough to go out on my own,” Radie added.

She said what’s unique about her business is “the personal touch we try to give every client.”

Radie said she and Barb, who has been with her for all 16 years, truly enjoy the promotional products business.

“We get paid for shopping, what could be better!” she said. “Of course there is the satisfaction of taking and idea and turning it into something tangible.”

Radie said she would “certainly” recommend Maple Shade to anyone interested in opening a business here.

“It’s a small town with a good reputation for encouraging new businesses by offering help through our zoning board, business association, banks, and other business owners,” she said, noting how helpful the Maple Shade Business Association is.

“It’s good to know your fellow business owners and get together with them for new ideas, networking, even problem solving,” Radie said. “The MSBA offers its members a way to reach their business potential in town.”

She has lived in Maple Shade for 31 years and enjoys traveling, gardening, theater, “but most of all” spending time with her grandchildren.

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624 Harvard Avenue Maple Shade, NJ 08052

Member Spotlight

Owner and creative director at Amped to Dance Dana Marie Randolph said the most important thing she’s learned when it comes to business is persistence.

“Never give up,” she said. “Even when enrollment is low and quotas are missed as long as I keep believing and working towards the vision everything will work out.

“I can’t give up because there is no plan B,” Randolph added. “I must continue to put everything I have in making the dream I have a reality.”

Amped to Dance opened in Maple Shade in July of this year.

“I’ve been professionally training in various styles of dance since the age four,” Randolph said. “After years of teaching at community centers in Philadelphia my passion for music, movement, and teaching collided together as the vision of helping people express themselves through dance came to life.”

So, what’s unique about her business?

“Amped to Dance is the dance studio where passion meets movement,” Randolph said. “We pride ourselves on fostering self-confidence and creativity through dance in each and every person we encounter.

“Amped to Dance is more than a business, even more than a dance school,” she added. “We are a place that encourages self-expression, healing, and love through creative arts.”

Randolph said she would recommend Maple Shade to someone looking to open a business here “because the town is very welcoming.” Also, she said It was a fairly simple process to get started.

She said it has been pleasant being a member of the Maple Shade Business Association.

“I am a member of MSBA because I’d like to learn and grow as a business owner in this town,” Randolph said. “I want to ensure the success of my business and what better way to be a part of a community of like-minded people.

“There are also so many qualities that I possess that may meet the needs of my fellow business owners,” she added.

Randolph grew up in Philadelphia and graduated from Temple University with a BA in communications and Lincoln University with a MEd degree.

She said she and her family have lived in Maple Shade since May 2019.

In her spare time, Randolph enjoys spending quality, “silly” time with her family, exploring new restaurants, reading, and writing.








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